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White bathroom interior

Tri Starr Home Care understands the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and grooming for the elderly, and we offer comprehensive caregiving services in these areas. With the consent of the elderly individuals, our caregivers are trained to provide assistance with bathing, grooming, and personal care tasks such as combing hair, getting dressed, and brushing teeth.


We prioritize their comfort and ensure proper cleaning techniques are followed. If the elderly wear diapers, our caregivers ensure regular changes to maintain hygiene and comfort. During the free assessment meeting, we encourage discussions about preferences and options, including the possibility of sponge baths. Additionally, if needed, we can make arrangements for our caregivers to accompany the elderly to a barber, hairstylist, or nail salon to cater to their grooming needs. At Tri Starr Home Care, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and respectful care that encompasses the overall well-being of our elderly clients.

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