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Tri Starr Home Care is proud to offer comprehensive assistance in facilitating the mobility of elderly individuals. Our dedicated caregivers provide transportation services to support them in their various outings and engagements. Whether it's accompanying them to doctor's appointments, hair appointments, family dinners, musical events, or assisting with shopping and errands, we strive to make their mobility seamless and convenient.

To ensure a smooth transportation experience, we kindly request that you inform us if the elderly individual utilizes a wheelchair. This information allows us to make the necessary arrangements and ensure that we have the appropriate vehicle to cater to their specific needs when transporting them.

At Tri Starr Home Care, we prioritize the well-being and independence of the elderly. Our caregivers are committed to assisting them in getting around and participating in activities they enjoy, fostering a sense of engagement, social connection, and overall fulfillment.

In the event that the elderly is non-ambulatory, we can coordinate with them or their family for ADA paratransit services.

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